We spend a lot of time perfecting our online dating profiles. If you’d invested the same amount of time learning to dance with others, you’d have flocks of people wanting to be your dance partner. What’s a more valuable investment for you? 

Most ballroom students seek something deeper on the dance floor than learning moves. Many want to make connections with other people. Here are some reminders why the dance floor provides an easier way to bond with someone as opposed to the internet.   


The saxophone melody builds in intensity and your shoulders shift to the conga drums not heard on your local radio station. You’re looking into a stranger’s smiling eyes and sharing all this exciting stimuli with them. You’re in a new environment, and when you travel through the unknown with others you bond with them faster. 

Online dating often confines conversations to just that; conversations. On the dance floor, you communicate with your whole being; therefore, revealing more of your nature. Sharing your inner nature with others is great for trust building!


Here’s a typical online dating interaction: “Do you want to get coffee in two hours?” “I’d love to!” (Two hours later) “Hey, something came up. 😦


Taking a dance class will free you from waiting to meet people. After all, it takes two to tango! People at dance classes are paying to dance with other people. They need you to get the most out of the experience.  


A typical dance class involves pairs of students forming a circle around their teacher. After a minute or two of practice the teacher yells out, “Switch partners!” and you or your partner will move to someone new. At practice end, you’ll have interacted with about 20 different people or 10 people twice. 


Unlike in dating (where making the wrong move unfurls a red flag), making the wrong move in dance class is part of the fun! Someone witnessing our mistakes makes us more human in their eyes. The safety of texting someone over the phone can rob us of this. A lot of good-spirited laughter arises when dance partners forget what to do next and improvise. And when we do get it right, impressed looks follow.

Online dating can be dull, especially in an age where many of us stare at computer screens at the workplace. Gaze into someone’s eyes instead, grab their hands and own your dance space with the pride of someone who tests themselves. You’re going to meet so many interesting and lovable people on the dance floor. They’ll view your eagerness to learn and grow as attractive. Go make a deeper connection on the ballroom floor.

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